Login Admin – 192.168.l.l routerThe internet protocol address, more commonly known as IP address is a series of numbers that are utilized to identify devices that are connected to any particular computer network. The network itself is also required to be one that follows internet protocol. This is commonly used in homes and small businesses as well.

The IP address is used for two different purposes; identification of connected devices, and addressing (location) of devices which is the primary tool for directing the data that is being transferred over any network to the specific device.

What is

This is commonly known as the default IP address of a router. More specifically, the address has been associated with Linksys routers and since Linksys is now a part of Cisco Inc. that represents a very large portion of internet routers that are being used around the world, other manufacturers also use this address but some have different router addresses as well, like

The main function of on any network is router configuration. Once connected to a router through an internet device, you can put this IP in your browser and you will be directed to your router setup. Here you can configure your router for accessing the internet by inputting the configuration settings that have been provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The router can also be configured for monitoring traffic and setting different preferences on your internet service. Login Admin


A number of different problems can occur while using the internet and most of them can be fixed by accessing on your laptop/mobile etc. One of the most commonly occurring problems is the end user forgetting their internet password. This can be reset by accessing the router through admin access which is available through this IP address.

One of the most commonly seen issues is the loss of internet service or the user forgetting their password and in such circumstances, the user needs to reset their router settings and start a fresh. To do that, the same IP address is used and when you go into router settings you can see the option to factory reset the router. This erases all configurations set on the router and you can install new internet settings to solve the issue. If this method fails, all routers have a physical reset button hidden in their back that can be pushed to manually reset the router. as a private network

Nowadays, is considered to be a private address. An address that is reserved by the Internet Standards Group for private use is considered as private. This group is a universally recognized and accepted body responsible for approving any and all standards that may be proposed for use in the TCP/IP protocol suite.

A number of different security measures can be set by accessing the router using the IP. Users can set the username and password for their routers, set SSID (unique network name) for your network, enable wireless network security (internet password) using either WEP or WPA security standard and a range of other functions as well.

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  1. I see that that the IP address for my router is but can’t get logged in when using my browser. What else do I need to do?

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