router configuration192.168.0.1 router configurationThe internet is a vast network of information that comes together by billions of devices connected together, following a pre-defined way of communication. To access the information that is available on this massive web of devices, you need to connect to it using Internet Protocols. One of these is the Internet Protocol Address or the IP address. This is a unique address that identifies the location of a specific device in a specific location. While all the devices that we use are provided with their own IP address through the router, there are a few addresses that are utilized by the routers themselves to provide a gateway to these devices to the internet. is one of those addresses as well.

Router Models

Every company manufacturing routers has its own unique IP address that they set on their devices as the default address. This address cannot be used by any device connected to that router since this address is used for broadcasting by the router itself. In the case of, this particular address is found most commonly in the routers manufactured by D-Link and Netgear.

Uses of

There are a number of different uses for this IP address that can be accessed by inputting the address into your web browser in any of the devices that are connected to that particular router. Once entered, the users are directed to the admin section of the router where they can set IP addresses for their devices, implement a WEP or WPA security key on their network or as is the most common use for home devices, reset the router. This is one of the ways that the user can reset their network settings in case they have forgotten the password to their internet service.

Private Network is a part of the private network addresses that have been determined by the Internet Standards Group. It’s a universally accepted and recognized organization that sets the standards and protocols governing the use of the internet. Other examples of such networks include and While the former is used mainly for home networks like, the address is most commonly found as the default address in business networks. While this isn’t a technical specification in itself, it does make it easy to differentiate between home and business networks.

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